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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Candy Overload- What are we going to do with all this Candy?

We all know that there is no way our kids are going to eat all the candy they got for Halloween, unless we want tummy aches and rotten teeth!  So what to do with it?? More then likely its going to end up being thrown away, but this year why not try to do something else with all that Candy. Here are some ideas to help get rid of all that candy without throwing it away and without your kids setting a goal to eat it all!
n                          Donate – One thing you can do with all that Candy your kids got yesterday is Donate it! There is a program that allows you to donate your candy and they send it to the troops overseas! This program is called Please visit their site for more information!
n                          Lets Cook Something--- Use the Candy to make something with your kids or for your kids. Many kids love ice cream toppings one way you can get rid of all that candy is to pick out some of your favorites and chop them up into toppings and use them to add to your favorite ice cream… Another Idea would be to use the candies and add them to your favorite Cookies or Brownies for a great desert.
n                          Save it and Reuse! --- The Holidays are coming up and the season for lots of baked goods and gingerbread houses! Save some of that candy for your holiday baking and decorating!! The kids will love that they have “extras” to add to their gingerbread houses! You can also plan to have a gingerbread house decorating contest between your family and friends and all the extra candy will be great to help with the add ons!

    Instead of letting your kids eat all that candy or throwing away 80% of it, get creative! If you are going to throw it away, please go ahead and donate it! Not only will you be donating to the troops but you are also teaching your children about donating!  Try one of these ideas out and enjoy some time with your family!
     Hope all the little ones enjoyed their Halloween and trick or treating, I know mine sure did and this year was different then any other. My son is 8 and my daughter 5 and for the first year they walked up to the house by their selves with their daddy and I standing in the driveway waiting for them. I felt like my babies were grown up cause last year my daughter still wanted us to walk up there with her. They all grow so quick! Happy Holidays!

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