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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The 4 Gift Rule - How to not spoill your Children at Christmas.

            If you read my blog regularly you would know that we are taking our Vacation to Disney World, soon! I know, I can’t help that I talk about it so much, but were so excited! – with that going on in February- and anyone that has been to Disney would know the cost, we didn’t want to have a extravagant Christmas this year like all the others. Not to mention that Christmas cost so much for everyone and it really shouldn’t be like that. Now yes we all love getting presents and giving presents to our kids but think about if for just a second…. You bought your kid a Wii last Christmas and about 10-15 toys… what has your kid played with most?? Go ahead admit it .. it was that expensive electronic that you bought them that takes up most of their free time, and theres nothing wrong with that because most our “me” time is spent on our electronics as well. This year we wanted to do something different that would still make our kids excited it was Christmas but not to spend a fortunate and then when we go to Disney have to battle the “ I wants”, so we have decided to do the 4 Gift Rule, and will probably continue this tradition because it is such a great idea and could be used for the whole family not just the kids.
Here is the 4 Gift Rule:
      These 4 gifts, I believe cover all the bases of things you buy for at Christmas but instead of trying to get EVERYTHING just pick out the number 1 on your list and save some money! When I Christmas shop, no matter what it is I always buy buy buy from Black Friday through the week before Christams. Usually anything and everything I see that I want to get for someone and then we end up with a ton of gifts, that really are unnecessary and the kids on Christmas morning really just have a race to see who can open everything the fastest. In addition to the 4 gifts the kids will also get their gifts from Santa, their stocking, and their gift from Fred ( the Elf on the Shelf).. We started last year, (I have no idea why we would give another imaginary being credit for the awesome gifts mommy and daddy buy but we did) giving the kids a gift from their Elf on the Shelf, they named Fred, for being so good and not touching him or playing with him (the rule of the magic elf) and that he would see them next year. So the kids will also receive their gifts in addition to the 4 Gifts from Mommy and Daddy. That sounds like a wonderful Christmas and not a lot of clutter either! Also if you can get family members that may tend to over buy on board, it would not only help everyones wallet and your home, but your children wont be spoiled and expect a mountain of toys every year from everyone. Maybe you can even put all the money your saving towards yall’s next family vacation!

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