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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Be Great Parents- Gross your Kids out!

      Ewwwww!!!! That’s usually my son and daughters response when they see my husband and I kissing or hugging. I believe my son is at the “cootie” stage of starting to like girls but “they have cooties”  J My daughter of course follows in her big brothers shoes and does whatever he does. I think it’s cute when they say ewww and giggle but I also think it is very important that they see their parents kiss and hug each other (appropriately) and see the love we share for, not just the love we show them.

     This picture floated across Facebook and belongs to and made me immediately think “ain’t that the truth!” So I started reading more into PDA in front our children and just like with anything else there are different opinions but I believe that it is very important for my husband and I to model a healthy, loving relationship for our children. It sets a good example of how people should treat each other. Not just kids respecting parents and parents respecting kids, but also adults love and respect each other the same way we do the kids. I believe children find sense of security in knowing that their parents love each other. In the world today there are many different statuses of home life for children and children can worry about things the same way us adults do especially, if school they have a friend or see another kids going through a rough time with their parents divorced or a step parent, stuff like that can give our kids the same type of anxiety that we as adults get. Showing that we love them by kissing and hugging is no different then showing them that we love their daddy or mommy by giving a kiss or a hug! I think it could also be detrimental to your marriage if you don’t hug and kiss in front of your kids. The majority of the time that my husband and I spend together is with and in front of our children, minus the one night a week the kids stay with their YaYa (grandma). I think it could be unhealthy to our children to not see the love that we have for our spouse. They may feel once they grow up and start their own relationships, that they shouldn’t have to show love because they didn’t see it in their home, that’s not what their parents did, and in society all any of us want is to be loved and shown love.  Do you think it’s healthy to do PDA in front of your children? If not, Why? 

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