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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Missing Money?


     I know most of us have heard about people finding missing money that was theirs but they didn’t get it because they moved, it was a rebate never collected, or money that was owed to them. I personally, really didn’t believe that any of this was real or legit… but I saw one day while working and Rachel Ray was on, a women that had found  a site called and  all you had to do was put in your name and state and see if you found anything that linked to you and your address. You don’t have to sign up for an account and provide a ton of information you really don’t want to share with a site that your unsure of, all you need is your name and state you live in or may have lived in. I didn’t expect to find anything when I went to the site and was very skeptical, but the fact that it was on Rachel Ray did make me less skeptical then if I would have found the site myself. So I tried it out and what did I find $35.00 that was owed to me from a previous water company in another state. Needless to say once I saw that I was then excited! 

    All that was needed for me to claim my money was that I print out the required form by the state, and include a copy of a previous bill showing that I lived there and my updated address of where they would be sending the money. I have just sent it off and hopefully it wont take to long to receive back. I suggest everyone go check this site out and see if you have free money just sitting waiting on you. With the holidays coming up, we all know how important any amount of money is especially if its owed to us! Go check it out and see if you have missing money waiting for you! Good Luck!

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