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Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Pumpkins - Home Decor

     Is this pumpkin not cute or what? Oh and did I mention how easy this cutie is to make? I found this of course on Pinterest (-lets admit it, every idea and recipe we now have comes from Pinterest) and I thought that is exactly what I need to decorate my house this fall, and they even go with the Halloween & Thanksgiving themes. I also am planning on making some for Halloween that I am hoping I can make Orange, Green, & Purple ones that are specifically Halloween colors, maybe even some glow in the dark ones! The possibilities are endless! The kids could also add their own art to them. All of the materials needed can be purchased at your local Lowes or Home Depot and your local craft store.

What you Need:
-Dryer Vent (whatever length you prefer) 
-Wire Cutters
-Zip Ties
-Spray Paint
- & Cinnamon Sticks
- (maybe hot glue gun)
     Figure out your preferred Size of the dryer vent pumpkin and bring together. With the Wire Cutters, cut the dryer vent as even as possible. At the ends of each side, cute a small hole for the zip ties, be careful to not tear and zip tie together. Once it is zip tied together, Spray Paint the dryer vent desired color and allow to dry. Once Dry, Place Cinnamon Stick in the middle of the Circle, if hole is to big hot glue to one side, allow to dry. Once dry, Tie Ribbon around the cinnamon stick to make it look like leaves. If doing a different type of pumpkin other then the traditional, you may want to tie ribbon to make a bow.

     These pumpkins are great for a quick easy and fairly priced decor, plus they look absolutely beautiful in the home!

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