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Monday, March 26, 2012

Walt Disney World~ More excited than the kids!

     WERE GOING to Walt Disney World AGAIN!!! & I can't wait!! We just started planning our big vacay to Disney for a whole 7day/8night trip for the whole family to go on vacation! I absolutely love Walt Disney World, I've been now 3 times! Once as a child, Our Honeymoon, and February 2011 we took our son and daughter   (ages 6 and 3) for their first trip, and now were headed back with all of us, Grandma, Great-Grandma, and maybe Uncle for a few days (and anyone else that decides to go)!  This will be the longest that we have went on a vacation and were all really excited! We have already started planning and saving. We have the dates set now to February 8-16, 2013! Its less crowded, kids get days out for Mardi Gras, nice weather, i could go on an on! 

     Every time we have gone to Walt Disney World, we have seen new things and had different experiences, stayed at different hotels, enjoyed different parks and places to eat. This time we will be doing a lot of that too. Were going to go to all the parks and have extra days to revisit our favorites, eat at new places and have new character dinning's, take my daughter who will be 5 to the Bibiddi Bobbidi Boutique and let her have some pampering done, and allow my son to be apart of the Pirate League and get all dressed up and become a mate of Jack Sparrow! :D the more and more I type the more and more excited I get!! I am sure it has a lot to do with I can't wait to see my kids faces and spend those magical times! Our daughter who again was only 3 our last trip still talks about all the time, the only thing she really got to do was meet characters and ride about 5 rides (she really wasn't that into it) ....Shes going to LOVE it now! 

This is going to be a expensive trip,(ha... bank breaker is the better word) that is why we have decided to plan it so far off, so everyone can go and has plenty of time to save - 45 weeks to be exact! - It also gives me time to make sure we plan this also as cheaply as possible and do everything we can to be frugal and save money! I want to be able to go have an amazing trip and not come home worry about the bills! :) So from now on, look out for the Walt Disney World tips to save money, and if you have any questions or anything about your trip, feel free to ask, I have several books from last years trip , and looking to buy more soon - not to mention the list of websites! :)

COUNTDOWN TO DISNEY HAS BEGUN! :) - ( even if it is 45 weeks away)  

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