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Friday, March 9, 2012

Chicken & Rice Pot Pie has my Heart!

     So Earlier this week, I was planning on making Chicken & Rice in the Crock Pot as usual, however it takes about 6 hrs for it to cook and when its 6:00pm already (oops), I had to come up with something else  for dinner, but Chicken & Rice is what our hearts were set on so it was time to figure out, how to make it quickly.... and it turned into a loved meal in our house, which really is hard in a house full of picky picky eaters. My husband likes things one way, I like things another, my daughter is the same, and well my son is the pickiest of us all, so its hard to find something that at least 3 out of the 4 of us like. This Chicken & Rice Pot Pie is def. quick easy and an amazing meal! This is just the general recipe, you can always add other things to it, Carrots, Onions, Bacon, Sausage, etc..

4 Chicken Breasts
Vegetable Oil
Seasons (your choosing)
Rice (2 cups) 
Chicken Broth (2 cups)
Italian Season  ( on the dressing and ketchup isle @ Wal-mart) 
2 Pie Crust

Poor Oil into Pan, enough to cover the bottom of the pan, Cut up Chicken breast into small square pieces, Season with your desired Seasonings. Add to Hot Oil and cook thoroughly. Drain. Sit to the side. When Chicken is just about done, add Chicken Broth and Italian Season into a pot and bring to boil to cook Rice (do not add water, using Chicken Broth instead of the water. Turn stove on and Preheat to required temperature for Pie Crust. Once the Chicken Broth and Italian Seasoning has come to a boil, Remove, Stir in Rice, and Cover allow to sit for 5 min. ( Italian Seasoning will not be dissolved, it's the seasoning for the rice ( no need to add salt).  While waiting on the Rice. Unroll one Piece of the Pie Crust and place in pie plate. Once Rice is cooked, add Chicken to the pot, ( add any additional add-ins) Mix well, pour into Pie Crust. Add the top layer of the Pie Crust... Pinch the sides together to make sure it is closed, cut four slits into the top of the pie.. Bake in over according to time for the Pie Crust.  Allow to Cool and ENJOY! - YUM-O

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a amazing weekend! 

Southern Life = Mom  & Wife! 

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