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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little League Baseball - Our kids love it & some parents and coaches take it to seriously!


     HEYYY BATTER, BATTER,  BATTER....  Well its that time of the year for the Little Leagues to be out playing baseball and having fun. My son joined our local community team and so far it is going amazing! I was very skeptical at first of what it was going to be like, if he was going to have a good coach, if he was going to like it, stick with it, and be successful at it .. ya know all the worries of a mom.. but there are those parents and coaches that treat it like its the majors, bottom of the 7th, and last pitch! Luckily its not like that where my son plays, but so far every team we have played has been that way. These coaches more so (that i have seen, so far) then the parents are hard on these kids who are trying as best as they know how. I do not feel a coach should yell at his team that they aren't doing a good job, or the latest that has sent me over the edge "shut up, and sit down your loosing". What good is that coach doing? None, no one could even point out one good lesson from that .. and if that is how he is treating them at a game, imagine a practice.. Sports such as Little League, Soccer, Football, Softball, etc. is suppose to be there to be fun, to teach our children good sportsmanship, how to work together as a team, respect, athleticism, a good work ethic. Very important qualities that help to mold and make our children respectable adults. Coaches and parents who act like their team and children are failures are what makes our society have the problems that they do. 
     I live in a very small town, which I must say it there are things of course that I hate about this town but as far as for my children this is the best place around here for me to raise them. I use to live in the town where the teams we are playing come from and I was telling my husband the other night, after our game, there is no way our son would be able to do anything if we lived in that town because so far all the teams are exactly what i did not want for my son.  Hopefully this will change, but from what i understand Little League Baseball will always be the same... At least I can say that our Baseball Association here is not like that and is all about our kids having fun, enjoying it, and being treated right! 

     Hope all you out there with kids on teams are having FUN and a successful season so far! 

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