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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday Spaghetti- Colored Noodles

     This is the most awesome thing EVER and I can almost guarantee that if this was done when I was a child, I would have probably ate more pasta. Children eat food based on how it looks, at least mine do and even though its to late now, because my son is 9 and has already developed his own eating likes and dislikes. However, My daughter loves pasta and it was her birthday and of course I found it on Pinterest!

      Most of the stuff I see on Pinterest that is brilliant, I always say why didn't I think of that, and a lot of it is like "well, DUH". I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest and it always has the best of ideas for parties, holidays, crafts, DIY, really anything your looking for its on Pinterest. If you are not already signed up, definitely check it out.
  For my daughters birthday, we had a sleepover spa party. We did make up and painted nails. It was a lot of fun. For Dinner for the girls, I made one of my daughters favorite, Spaghetti. When I saw dyed noodles in all different colors, I could not resist. To my surprise it was very very easy to make. I made three colors of noodles. I went ahead and made the noodles early because they do have to be boiled separately for different colors, and this can take some time.

What you need:
- Spaghetti Noodles - or whatever kind of noodles you prefer
- Food Coloring
     This is the coolest, and simplest thing I've done... All you need to do is once water is boiling, add food coloring, as many drops as you would like, the more you add to the water the deeper the color will be. Once you add the food coloring, go ahead and add noodles and allow to cook as directed. :) and your done! See Simple, Easy, & Awesome.


This is also a fun and easy meal you can cook with your children or allow your older ones to cook. This can also be fun for parties you may have or sports parties. ( I can't wait for football season and to make Blue & Orange Spaghetti. GO GATORS) 

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