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Sunday, June 2, 2013

End of the Year, ALREADY? - End of the Year Teacher Gift!

     I cannot believe how quickly this school year has flown by. My son is now headed into Middle School and my Daughters Kindergarten year has just been completely changing for her and now, I have a 4th grader and a 1st grader. Wow how time flies. 
     This year I must say was one of the best. We loved my son and daughters teacher and we got a new bus driver this year and she was absolutely amazing with the kids. Last year we had it rough, with a bus driver. My son and niece were in trouble every day for something, and not only that but it was 90% because the elementary, middle, and high schoolers were all on the same bus (we live in a very small town) and this particular bus driver was older and did not control her bus. I was terrified to put my daughter on the bus too. Thankfully, we got a bus driver that does demand respect and that the kids listen and we had no big problems and no write ups!!! The teachers my children had were amazing!!! They worked well with the kids, understood their difficulties, and did everything to help my children succeed. I couldn't have asked for a better school, teachers, or bus driver.
     We are not suppose to give the teachers gifts, and gifts over a certain price, but I felt like they deserved something special just to let them know that we care and want them to have an amazing Summer as well. For only $7.00 a piece you can make or give these awesome Summer gifts for your child's teachers and/or bus driver.

     What we Used:
-Bucket & Shovel ( come together at most stores)
-Towel - you can use a beach towel but also Dollar General and Family Dollar have large towels as well for only $2, compared to $6 or $8 for the beach towel
-Magazine - We chose Family Circle for $2.97
-Candy - We had Almond Joys at the house which we added about 6 a piece.

     These turned out very cute I thought! You could even add more to the bucket if you wanted such as a tumbler, sunscreen, lotion, body spray, nail polish, etc. The ideas go on and on. Hope all your children had an amazing school year and have grown and excelled throughout the year! Have a great Safe Summer Y'all!

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