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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Got Flip Flops? - Mothers Day 2013

Yes, I know its weeks later... BUT May is a busy busy month for us.. Especially this May which not only included two kid birthdays but also a trip to Pittsburgh, End of Baseball, & End of School. So I'm just proud that I'm getting this post wrote.

     My family knows me all to well. Its getting hot out and were buying bathing suits and new shorts and tank tops and of course you have to have Flip Flops... Well I definitely have flip flops and all these were bought for me for Mothers Day... so this does not include probably the 50 pair that I already have.

      So are you ready for Summer with your Flip Flops?? Check around, Flips Flops are on sale everywhere!! Watch your local department stores for big sales also! I was able to get two pairs of Sperry Flip Flops ( Usually 50.00$ a piece) for $50.00. A pair of Jessica Simpson white Sandals, that's usually priced for 79.99$ for only 29.99$ I could not be happier because I got some amazing deals on shoes.
     Mothers Day did not only consist of shoes. I received a beautiful "Relax" basket from my
grandmother full of goodies. My mother bought me some new plants for our home. & my husband not only bought me Flip Flops :) but he bought me a cup I have been wanting! :) Now if your a Duck Dynasty fan and love that they drink out of Mason jars but are worried about the glass if you have kids, these cups are plastic mason jar cups with straws. I prefer plastic for all our glasses here in our home.  Check your local Wal-mart for the cups!

     I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day. I can honestly say that being a mother is my greatest blessing and job. As a mother we are the back bone of our families and keep it all going. Without us, families would fall apart. We all understand how hard it is to be a mother because were not only "mommy" but were EVERYTHING to our families... From Maid to Mother lol...  Its always worth it though and the work will always be hard but again always worth it when you just see those little ones smiles! <3

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