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Friday, July 12, 2013

I love LOVE- Wedding Checklist

     Love can be the best thing in the world, or the most crushing! I particularly love LOVE. I love everything about it, the way it gives you butterflies, the way you feel all day and nothing can bring you down, the feeling that you would do anything to be there for that person or purpose, to make the person smile, and just brighten up their day! Love can be with anyone or anything. We love our family, friends, pets, particular products, foods, etc.  Everyone shows and has their own experiences with Love. To me, Love is the most important thing in the world. It makes you feel like there is a purpose. Now it can be debated, I'm sure, that love shouldn't be what fulfills you, but that's not where this blog is headed! Love is absolutely not easy, its a lot of work, and anyone married for any length of time can tell you that. However, to me it is so fulfilling.
     I couldn't wait when my cousin told me he was going to be asking his girlfriend to marry him! I had just met her when I was up for his graduation. I thought they were great together and I even thought, "wow, she may be the one." My cousin & I are close. Even though we both have siblings, we grew up together and spent more time together as children. My Aunt was the best. I always went on vacation with them and spent the night at her house. When I was a teenager she helped me through a tough time, where I did feel alone and not know what I was going to do. So basically they are like my second family. We live thousands of miles apart which I hate, but now that we are grown we have made more of effort to stay in contact even if its just an email or a quick convo through SnapChat.

     He asked her to marry him on her birthday and used her grandmas ring. I thought that alone was beautiful and so special. Her ring is priceless and the fact that she didn't want a million dollar diamond ring, says a lot about her. Most girls now a days wouldn't want anything less. Plus, there will be plenty of time for diamonds because they are choosing to spend their life together. I was so excited and of course wanted details right then, Date, theme, so on.. lol.. Anytime you decide to have a wedding or a special party or event you want to do all the bigger details so you can start planning all the little things. I of course didn't directly talk to Lexy about it just asked my cousin, Anthony because I didn't really know Lexy, and some women are immediate bridezillas ( Have you seen that show? OMG, its one of those shows you look at these women and think, "this is suppose to be the happiest time of your life, CHILL OUT!") but Lexy was not that way, she was actually the total opposite!
     She contacted me and asked me if I would help her with planning because she is on my Pinterest and can tell we have a lot of similar interest and would like some ideas. I of course said yes! Anyway I could help with planning out a magical day such as a Wedding, I was in! (You know I love to plan, maybe to the point of OCD about it.) So I created a Pinterest board, specifically for them and started adding ideas. However the first thing that was needed was a Checklist of what should be done and when and how long before the wedding, just to get her started. I'm sure she will find her own thing of what works for her but I figured why not include this in my blog for all the future brides and current brides to be that maybe need just a little boost! So I went on the search of course starting with Pinterest and this is what I found....

     There was no direct link to who or what website posted this, but I thought it was perfect because it starts with 12-16 Months. Most checklists that I found start at only 12 months. I think this will give brides an awesome idea of what needs to be done and when that way it is not so overwhelming!

     Ironically, on Valentines Day this year my husband brought me a new wedding set for us to renew our vows. We've talked about it and talked about it because we did not have a actual wedding. So we will be renewing our vows when we have been married for 10 years which will be in 2015! We are fixing to celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary and we have been together for 11 years. I think that is the perfect time to renew our love in front of family and friends and celebrating our love and how strong it is! I will absolutely be using this checklist as well!!

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