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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Take me out to the ball game! -Pensacola Blue Wahoos

     Baseball Games are so much more fun to go to then watch!! I am a Team Mom for my sons little league team and I do cry any time I had to miss a game for any reason, especially if it was work. However, I hate watching baseball on TV... As with most sports you only like them once you understand them and/or go to a game. I love football, but my son plays baseball. I don't care for baseball to watch, but love to play and my son did too. This year our Fundraiser for the team was to sell Pensacola Blue Wahoo tickets for their game against the Jacksonville Suns.

     The Pensacola Blue Wahoo's are a minor league team that's home field is in Pensacola, FL. As a fundraiser the Blue Wahoos have little league teams sell their tickets and do a raffle at the park the night of your game. I thought this was the best fundraiser that I've ever heard off and the boys actually got to see the benefits of all their hard work selling the tickets. Plus, you didn't have to deal with candy bars or other merchandise, car washes and tracking kids, or any other annoying fundraiser that we as ball park parents have had to do or heard of. If you have a minor league or even major league team in your area check into their fundraiser options to see what is offered.

     All of our boys and girls were dressed in uniform and so excited about the game! Once everyone arrived, we were paraded out onto the field and given a hand by all the fans in the stands and shown on the Jumbo tron.. Us parents did not care for this, but the kid of course loved it. One of our boys
were chosen to throw out the first pitch, which of course made his night! We thought it was so special and of course made the night for the boy. The kids were also allowed to do the practicing pitching game and bounce house at no charge. They really enjoyed this extra activity. Once the games started we all took our seats and watched them play. It  was a good game. During the break the kids did a roach chase ( Yes, I did just say Roach Chase- I was scared too when I heard about it) The Roach chase is where a man gets dressed in a Roach Bug costume and runs from one end of the field to the other and all the kid are allowed to come down and chase after him, and literally run some energy off! I've heard they also have a eye ball costume which is interesting as well!

     We all enjoyed ourselves and everyone at the Wahoo Stadium was great. We have plans to go to several games this season! The stadium is perfectly sat right on the bay with an amazing view. Even if you are not a baseball fan, go with some friends, enjoy some food, drinks, the view, and enjoy the night. It will be a lot of fun and I'm sure you will want to go back. Watching Sports on television and actually experiencing them in person is a totally different experience and you may even find you have a knew interest.
Enjoy your hot dogs and cracker jacks!

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