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Friday, May 4, 2012

Were Quitting Smoking! Day 1

Quitting Smoking – Day 1

          So we (my husband and I, and yes at the same time) have put them down completely. No cigarettes at all. We aren’t going cold turkey however, because we wanted something that we knew worked, and that would still give us the “habit” ( & nicotine) of smoking which seemed to be what we, or at least I craved more, the inhaling and exhaling, the urge when I get upset, out enjoying a drink, etc.  But without all the toxins put in cigarettes being put in our bodies. We decided to go with the new thing of the electric cigarette. We’ve known some folks that have completely quit smoking by using this within like a 6-9 month time period, and were hoping to do the same. I can’t take the cigarette commercials that are being shown, even though they are the truth they make me sick to my stomach and there are some that I can’t even listen to, the TV has to be changed.

     We chose the electric cigarettes from; so far they seem to be doing great. Anytime I want a cigarette I just grab it and use it. There are more pros than cons to quitting smoking. I believe within a day you can feel the difference in your body and your demeanor. I am a believe that addiction is a disease, however I feel that its mind over matter also. To quit anything you have to be mentally and physically strong and disciplined to not do something because you want to and to deal with the little voice in your head saying you want it also. It is only day 1, and things could get worse but for today I feel amazing and hope that we can keep this up through the weekend!

I chose the white one because I went to a local store instead of ordering online, I didn't want my husband or myself to have the opportunity or time to change our mind.. and the color of if it, to me didn't matter, but it does come in several colors. The Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you started and then its $9.95 for a 18ml of flavor, which is about 20-30 packs of cigarettes depending on how much you use it. Watch for other blogs cause I'm going to blog how this journey is for us.. Along with other things were doing as a couple ;)

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