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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Stuffed Strawberries

     I've been seeing stuffed strawberries everywhere, they look so so yummy, and I must admit that strawberries have a special place in my heart!  Yesterday the Betty Crocker Website posted stuffed strawberries and right then I knew I was making them because I just got Strawberries at the store and needed to use them, and today is my son's 8th birthday. I checked out the recipe to see what they used in the middle because I knew I had some frosting in the cabinet and I also had Marshmallow Fluff. The recipe used frosting for the middle but I decided that since I had to make Baseball cupcakes I should probably save that just in case its needed, so I went with the marshmallow fluff to see how it turned out cause I like to be different! :) They are a great fun snack for the kids and also easy to make and for them to help you make. You can also try different things to fill them with and put on top. I'm going to make cheesecake ones next :)

What you need:

1 package of Fresh Strawberries
Marshmallow Fluff
Hershey Bars ( or other candy topping)
Zip Lock Bag
Apple Corer

     Wash and cut the tops of the Strawberries, also cut the bottom tip off so they will sit down flat on a plate or platter. After all strawberries are cut, use the apple corer, or knife to cut a whole in the morning, try not to go all the way through. Place Marshmallow Fluff into the corner of a zip-lock bag, cut the corner tip of the bag to make a small hole ( your going to be using the bag like a cake icing bag) The Marshmallow Fluff is very sticky be patient and careful or it will be everywhere. Place sprinkles in a bowl. Fill the strawberries with the marshmallow and roll the top in sprinkles. Place Hershey's Bar or other topping on top & enjoy!! :) Make sure you will be eating the strawberries right away, once the strawberries are cut the juices began leaking out!

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