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Friday, May 4, 2012


     The hardest thing in the world to learn to deal with is change, but change can also be the most miraculous thing to ever happen in anyone’s life. My husband and I are all about positive change - changing things for the better because everyone can always make improvements in there lives one way or another. Whether the change in your life is fitness, eating healthier, reading, spending more time with your husband/wife/kids/etc., or doing more activities outside, these are improvements that improve you and the person you are and one step closer to who or having the quality or knowledge you want. I am so excited about the changes that are going on in our lives and the rewards that we will get from them. This year I wanted things to be different for us; I wanted things to be easy and smooth, no stress, no drama, and no problems. Just an amazing year, because Life is too short to waste it with stress, worry, and sadness and you can’t make things better by stressing and worrying, the only way things get better is if you do something about it about and make the effort to change things.

     Here we are 5 months into this year, (wow, can you believe that?)  And so much has already happened that was great and then there were roadblocks as well, but those are going to happen all the time; monthly, weekly, daily. Roadblocks, once you get through them are what show you, that you are strong enough to move forward. We have gotten through those and are looking to the future and all that is right in front of us, to be thankful for. This year we have been working on budgeting our money better, our fitness and health, and working on ourselves and things we need to be happy.  I know that many people feel they do not know where to begin to change things but dream big! Dream as if that all you have left is the ability to dream and then once you know what you want get up and start making it happen! This year so far has been so amazing because we have focused on only the positive, got through everything that has been thrown our way, and continued to work when we didn’t want to work. Tiny steps can make the biggest changes! So if tiny steps are what you need to take to start making changes in your life, don’t be scared, because in the end it will all be worth it. 


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