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Monday, April 30, 2012

Disney/We recieved the DVD-- TIme to Start Planning!

Were going to Disney- We received the DVD; now let’s get the planning on!

     I guess I should just go ahead and admit that I have OCD when it comes to vacations or anything else really that needs to be planned, organized, or ran smoothly! However, my mother does too and so does my son. My daughter to a point does, she always wants to know on our shopping days where we are going next but doesn't seem to take to much interest in planning.. She gets that from her daddy! C: However, We received our Disney Vacation Planning DVD!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

     I was so excited when I got it out of the mailbox, because now we can get down to business… plan this trip, budget and saving our money, planning all the fun things were going to do and be frugal!! J I’m looking for all the tips I can take to make this the best trip for our family, since it will be our last for till the kids are a little bit older, and were going for a week this time! So far only the dates, party size, & package were decided… hey but that’s a start!

       So I watched the DVD and this makes me even more excited and we still have 41 weeks till we go. I definitely recommend order the Walt Disney Planning DVD from the Disney website.. its free and doesn’t cost a thing! & your kids will love watching it as well! If you don’t have the time, here are some of the best pointer, I thought, from the DVD for us, a family of four, one boy- eight, one girl- five! I’ll also split them, by park for ya’ll as well! ENJOY!

  • See Favorite attractions first, then everything else! Make a list so you know where you are going and what to do. When you get to the parks it will be overwhelming and you may forget if you don’t set up a plan! Trust me I know, we missed half of the Magic kingdom our last trip because of not doing what we wanted first an waiting in the longer lines later.
  • Plan Characters you want to see and find out where they are and when. Some parks change their times when certain characters are available.
  • If you have been to Disney before you know they take those “in the moment” pictures while you’re flying through the air on the rollercoaster or being chased by a Yeti on Everest… Those pictures are priceless, especially if they are good ones. Plan out which rides you want to buy pictures on. We have about 8 rides that we end up buying pictures on. If you haven’t been to Disney and your not sure what you want to do, go ahead and save a little for it because you never know. Those are going to cost you around $20.00 a piece.
  • Make a list of the parades you want to see and experience so they can be worked into your day and you can get a good spot! Plus it’s a great time to rest as well!

                                                                         Disney 2011


     We did not go to Epcot before when we were in Disney with our kids for their first trip. They were 6 and 3 and would not have really been into it, but this trip we are and I think they are going to love it now!

     Epcot is great to “explore the world” with your children and teach them new things and experience different things that they wouldn’t be able to anywhere else. I really enjoy walking “around the world” It alone by itself is a wonderful adventure! All of the rides at Epcot we will be going on and I cannot wait to take my son on Mission Space! He loves Space stuff! Other then the rides & the world showcase, Epcot offers a wonderful fireworks and Laser light show that is amazing. I think even though they don’t care for the fireworks they will probably enjoy the Laser light show.  I haven’t been to Epcot since 2005 when my husband and I were there for our Honeymoon, so I really don’t remember all the stuff that I want to take my children to. I was 18 at the time and Just starting out in our life.

Hollywood Studios

            These are something’s that we MUST DO this time because we didn’t get to before. When we took the kids before, we didn’t have the time we needed to do everything with little ones, so I think planning this about 244 days in advance, and for 7 days is perfect and plenty of time!

  • Stunt Show
  • American idol
  • Toy Story Mania
  • Rockin Roller-Coaster
  • Tower or Terror
  • Pixar Pals fun parade
  • Disney Junior

Animal Kingdom:

            Okay, I’ve been to the Animal Kingdom 2 times and have NOT done Kilimanjaro Safaris… I know, I know, any one who has been just said are you kidding me! But no I am not I haven’t go to do that so that is number 1 on my list… and from everyone elses list and must do’s and see this is a top one! & very crowded so DO FIRST!!!!  Others that we just can’t wait to do is:

  • Camp Minnie and Mickey
  • Festival of lion King ( recommended to do early)
  • Nemo Musical
  • Wild African

There is also play grounds at all the parks, some include water that may spray.. I would recommend a extra change of clothes to bring, or have this be the time everyone picks out the out fit or shirt the buy for the day.

At the Magic Kingdom there is so much to do and see I would be naming it all for days… I can say that I’ve heard Magic Kingdom should be planned for a 2 day experience… which I am doing this year so we can see and enjoy everything! Families with older children will probably only need one day because they can skip all the kiddy stuff!

Insider Tips:

ORDER THE DVD--- you will receive the DVD and a special URL created for you to help you start planning your Disney World Vacation! It’s very helpful and gives you a lot of information and again is FREE. How can you resist? C: Hope this helps you plan an amazing vacation for you and yours to truly the most magical place on earth!  

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