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Friday, May 11, 2012

8 years old... Where has the time gone?

8 years old, Where has the time gone?

     Where has the time gone? He’s 8 years old… sheeesh, it seems like I blinked and he is 8 and if I blink again he will be grown and going off to college…. He woke up to his room with streamers blocking the door away and us telling him Happy Birthday! We gave him one of his presents from us on Wednesday because we always give him presents from us on his birthday but he had a baseball game right after school so he would have had no time to enjoy it. We got him a new Wii game that he wanted. We hardly ever buy video games except for special occasions. After School I had made baseball cupcakes for him to take to the game to celebrate with everyone.

I felt bad he had a game on his birthday because usually we all go have dinner out at a restaurant with the whole family and we couldn’t this time. He had a great day though and came home from his game, they finished up earlier, he called all the family that had called to tell him happy birthday and he finished his evening playing his new game for a little while. J I just can’t believe that he 8. I’m so proud of the little man he is, He is so smart, outgoing, and fun to just hang out with. He loves his movies and music the same way his daddy and I do but he also loves to go and be active and have fun too! I’m ready for their birthday Party & all the fun! J

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