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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Crazy Month of May = Birthdays & Summer Vacays

     It's been awhile... a month to be exact.... but here I am and getting back on track! ( Ha that rhymed!) .. I really hate going that long with out blogging... It gives me a release for my mind... ya know just like working out is a release for the stress & wine is a total release for us women C: The month of May as always is so hectic... & the past month has been 110% crazier than I thought! We had the kids birthdays, end of the year baseball ceremony (I am on the Athletic Association Board), end of the year for school, Week Vacation with Family from Oklahoma, & then getting our Summer routine ready & organized. During all this I wanted to log in and blog it all & everything fun going on and get back on my regular schedule, but there was simply to much on my plate & I'm only one person and happen to be one of those people that prefer to do everything myself, no delegating! Frankly, if it doesn't get done my way, I am not happy with it.
     This past week my children and I got everything in the house organized and back in shape from being on vacation and I did deep cleaning, which there is always something that needs a deep clean. I needed a full week to get myself going again and everything running back on schedule, meal plans, daily life, laundry, cleaning, & of course now both kids because School is out.  I really hate coming back from vacation and feeling like I have been gone for a month, and I was not even that far from home, & in constant contact with everyone.. but I guess just relaxing and doing nothing in a Condo on the beach will have that effect on you...My family from Oklahoma came in town for a week and I spent time with my Brother & Sister, we don't get to see each other very often due to distance & with my brother & I -- Our problem is finding the time with our crazy schedules where we both have time to get together. I would say we kicked Summer off just right!! I have so much to blog about... I am hoping to have them all done tomorrow!! C:

     Hope Everyone had an amazing weekend... If your in the South, we had a nasty, wet, flooding weekend... Have a Great Monday & Great Week!

                                              Southern Life = Mom & Wife

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