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Friday, April 20, 2012

Mario/ Mario Kart Birthday Party Ideas

     It’s a me, Mario!!! – is what I heard A LOT! My son absolutely loves anything Mario and has for years now… no surprise, because what 7 year old ( turning 6 at time of party <2010> ) that play video games doesn’t ? So his birthday was coming up and we let our kids choose their themes and of course he chose Mario. At the time, Mario birthday supplies had just came out so they were expensive and with 2 kids birthday in May, 2 weeks apart were a little strapped for cash! So guess what I did DIY and primary colors! Take a look, get some inspiration, and DIY!

* Decorations are very important to any party but can get very expensive.. and for what,  your just going to throw them away later, so to make sure you save money and Do It Yourself! Decorations for a special theme or character are definitely more expensive then just colors and if you have a large area to decorate then your going to want to decorate the whole are not just one section. Here i wanted to decorate my entire kitchen and dining room... I just primary colors.. Balloons, streamers, ribbon, and table cloths were bought at the dollar store! You can also go ahead and have them blow up the balloons for you there, cost still a dollar.... or if doing a lot and worth money to you go ahead and buy a helium tank, the do include balloons as well, and i notice yesterday actually, you can get the smaller tank at Dollar General for only $20...

     The character decorations were printed off my computer, cut and glued by my hands, and looked amazing!! You may need to buy printer ink, but i mean you would spend double that just in buying the decorations to cover a large room completely... My son really enjoyed this...
I found all the images online, a quick and easy way is to google your favorite character, select images and print your favorite... I cut them out and pasted on construction paper to give it a solid back, instead of just flimsy paper. I also used decorated edges to give it some detail.         


I have a large kitchen so I decided to add a little bit more detail and hey this didn't cost anything but about $8 and made a ton of decorations! That were great and went right along with the Mario theme. Not to mention, it really made the room look great because they were hanging all over the ceiling!
Stars, Question Marks, & Coins! I used recyclables to make these! Any old boxes that we had laying around I took and cut out stars and squares and pained them. I used black sharpie for the eyes on the starts, yellow and white paint.. These all looked amazing and really added something wonderful to the room that made it go all together!

For the cake, I made cupcakes, it was much much easier for all the kids.. i put the cup cakes on a regular plate and found a box that would cover them and painted it yellow with a big question mark on the front! it was a great centerpiece in the middle of the different primary colors, napkins, plates, cups, and utensils!

     My son really enjoyed this party! It was very inexpensive and was beautifully decorated! All it took was a little time and if you plan carefully, time will be on your side! Hope you enjoyed and got some ideas for your Mario/ Mario Kart Birthday!

For a special touch, Grab a Red Shirt and have Dad wear it at the party, we painted the M on it, for Mario and my brother in law wore a green one with a big L for Luigi on it! :) My son thought it was really special! :)

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