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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 kids, 2 birthdays, 2 weeks apart, & 3 years in age difference … Birthday Planning At its best! --Birthday Planning Tips--

     Here comes May… what seems like one of the busiest months in our lives… in May we have a total of …8 birthdays, 6 are kids birthdays, and schools finishing up… and we also have family coming in for a week right after school is out. So May is crazy… My Sons birthday is 5/10 and my daughter’s on 5/25… school lets out the 25th and vacation starts on the 26th, so I had to figure out when, we going to celebrate the kids birthdays and how… There wasn’t enough time, especially when you throw the baseball schedule in with that as well…We finally decided that this was going to have to be a double party this year, but hey why not..

     We always let the kids choose what theme they want for their birthdays, this year my son has chosen Lego and My daughter chose to do the Little Mermaid…. I’m very excited about this double birthday! Were just going to do two of everything, we are also getting a combo bouncer/waterslide for the kids… that should keep them occupied! I absolutely love planning and especially doing it at the cheapest but most extravagant as well… and that is really easy to do, believe it or not! All you need is a plan and some time and you can plan an amazing birthday. A few years ago I did a Mario Birthday Party for my son and it was Great, inexpensive (but looked expensive) birthday party!
(I just wrote myself a note to re-blog that- lost it in the switch to a new site) So here are some planning tips to help get you started planning your little ones, or older ones birthday party:

  1. Let your Child/Children choose the theme.
We have always let our children choose the theme of their parties, except they both had surprise parties at age 4. It makes the parties very special and I think even more exciting because they can’t wait to see what it is going to be like.

  1. Choose when, where, what time, guest list, and budget.
These are all very important because with out this you wont know where, when, or time,  how many people will be there, how much cake is needed, goody bags to buy etc. and without the budget well then this could get very expensive. Personally, Our children are still little so we do not invite the class from  school for birthdays its still family and family friends that are invited only unless we do something at a skating rink or public like that I think this is best for everyone, especially your bank account.

       3.  Use your preferred search engine and search        “theme chosen”     birthday party ideas.
By doing this you will be bring up a lot of sites and blogs by other moms, dads, grandmas, that have what they have done for their children’s parties. This will help you find what your going to do and want to do. My favorite website to use is This website has every party that you can think of, and not only that but it is post from mothers that have thrown these types of parties and what they did, games played, decorations, etc.

       4. Go through ideas- write list of ideas you like and save the pictures in a specific file folder for future reference of stuff you like.

       5. If child/children are helping go over ideas and plan the party. .
Go over all the ideas that you found that you like and ya’ll choose your favorites. Don’t try and do to much, but make sure you do your favorites!

       6. Most ideas are already DIY but if not, get to thinking of how you can DIY or an alternative idea that is. Make sure any DIY ideas are not more expensive then just buying the product.

       7. Get your plan started of what you need to do, make, buy , how long it will take to do DIY and plan accordingly, order anything offline, etc. If you plan all this out you will be spending money here and there instead of one big sum the week before the party and that makes it a little less stressful because you can make sure you got everything and didn’t forget the cups or plates J

 Only 7 steps to a well planned Inexpensive – Expensive looking – Birthday Party!

( Look for future blogs that will include all the DIY for my son & daughters birthdays in May)

Hope this helps ya’ll plan amazing birthdays that your little one or older ones will remember forever!!

Southern Life = Mom & Wife

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