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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yes, you should go to Disney on Ice and take the kids! {Tips included}

     If Disney is any part of it, I will take it. I will go to it, eat it, watch it, and have to have it. I absolutely love everything and anything that is Disney and well let me say that if you have ever been to Disney then you understand my love of the magic. My kids are just as bad as me, we're a perfect match. :) Our homeschool group had a wonderful field trip to Disney on Ice on at the Pensacola Bay Center. I immediately knew this was one field trip we wouldn't be missing and a nice treat to the end of the school year.

     Tickets to the event can be a bit pricey for the regular showing if not going in a group or a field trip. However, it is absolutely worth it to go and the kids will forever remember these memories. We saw Disney on Ice, Let's Celebrate and it is a great show, and the kids thought it was as great as a day in Disney World, well at least for a few hours, and then when they realized they weren't getting autographs, well maybe not so much a day in Disney. Still such a great time though!

-Check out where you can find the next showing of Disney on Ice near you!

Here are some of the best pictures we took, it is a little hard cause they are ice skating! Hope you enjoy & plan to go! You absolutely should - Check out my tips below the pics!

Here is the rest of our fun at Disney on Ice! 

- Arrive Early- This is important just because the kids are going to want to look at everything they have & offer, and trust me you want them to or you will be buying every awesome looking snack that comes by. Also so you either go ahead and get your souvenir or they at least already have looked at the stuff to know what they want. Also you want to make sure you have time to use the restroom, there will be a line. FYI!

-Bring your own Mouse Ears & Light up Toys- Trust me you, your husband, and your bank account will thank me. Of course your going to want your Mouse Ears for this event, because hello it's Disney! Also make sure to bring those $10- $20 light up toys that you bought during the last Disney trip {it's okay to admit you kept them, and took them away as soon as you got home to save them for the next trip} At least that's what we do because we always buy them a new a one but they always want more then one so they can have the previous one. Saves money for other souvenirs too.

-Set Snack Rules or Money Limit- The kids are going to want everything they see, and I must admit they have some pretty awesome treats at the show. Set a Snack Rule for your children or a Money Limit for each on snacks. For example: You can each have a drink, one treat each, and share a popcorn, or you each have $10 snack limit. It just makes it easier on you, because there has already been a conversation about it and rules set. 

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