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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Relax and Rewind with Rewined Candles from Bourbon and Boots

Give me wine and candles and you have the key to my heart, give me a Rewined Candle from Bourbon & Boots, and I'm yours forever.

     I am a lover of candles, especially ones that are uniquely made and have a great look to them, so they look good when they are not burning too. I have recently fell in love with a particular brand of candle. Usually I am not one to go with "brands" of products, I'm the whatever smells good and looks pretty type of gal, easy going. Rewined Candles not only smell amazing but also have a beautiful, classy, simple, country, southern style! Yes, this one candle is all of that!

      Rewined candles are made from recycled wine bottles. Rewined Candles started from a guy that worked in a restaurant and saw a lot of recycled and discarded bottles and the idea was sparked to re-purpose the bottles into candles that mimic the wine, and Rewined Candles was born and has grown to be large company and built a family of retailers. The scents of the candles mimic the tasting notes of the wine and vary in 10 different scents. If you are not a wine drinker, or even if you are and not familiar with the wine terminology, a tasting note refers to a tasters testimony about the aroma, taste identification, acidity, structure, texture, and balance of a wine.

     The scent of the Rewined Candle that has caused me to fall in love with these candles is the Pinot Noir. The description for the Pinot Noir is this earthy complex wine mimics the ground that produces its fresh fig and cranberry rooted by the rustic aromas of leather and violet finishing with hints of musky earth tones. I have to say, this is one smell I can't get enough of.  This fragrance is such a calming scent. The main thing I love about these candles is that I can smell it, even when it is not lighted. That is important because we don't always want the candles lit, but we always want our homes to smell like they are.


     These candles would also be great to have at a outdoor get together,wedding, party, or a romantic day at the beach. I would want to take the candle to the beach with me, on a personal day or family day, just so I could enjoy it's fragrance in the wonderful sun and breeze.

     You can find these wonderful candles at Bourbon & Boots. At Bourbon & Boots they offer Authentic Southern gifts, stories, and style. This wonderful site is not only beautiful but also has some of the most unique gifts, that have true southern style and are handmade.
     The shop carries something for everyone, and you are sure to be the one that gives the best gifts. Not only is this site beautiful and carry the greatest handmade products I have ever seen  (yes,my wishlist is a mile long) it has wonderful Virtues as a business. I love that the Virtues for this company range from, " We value outstanding design and high quality products" all the way to "We want to meet you, talk to you, and be friends" and "We love your grandma."

    Now, I don't know about y'all but anyone that wants to have good conversation, be your friend, and loves your grandma, that's a company I would like to buy from. Not to mention, they have Rewined Candles and I will be ordering those often!

     Bourbon & Boots wants you to come in, sit down, stay awhile, and take a look around. I can guarantee you won't regret finding this wonderful , authentic, southern store.

They are offering you 5% off your purchase with this coupon code of : blograisedsouthern14 ( all lowercase, all together, no spaces) Shop with them here :

*This post was only compensated with the product, a Rewined candle furnished from Bourbon & Boots. No other compensation was given. All opinions are mine.

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