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Monday, February 17, 2014

Butterfly Snacks

     Valentines Day was last Friday and of course we had to make a special snack for each of the kids classes. My friend Mandy had made these adorable butterfly snacks for her sons class and when I seen them I knew that is exactly what we had to do for little Miss. Princess and she LOVED them.

 Since it was Valentines day we also added candy to the snack bags. When you are making them for a school snack make sure you make healthy choices! It's not only important for your kids who may get a well balanced meal but it's more important for the kids who may not. Miss. Princess has children in her class with fruit allergies so we only send pretzels generally, but for this special occasion we added Valentines hearts.

    What y'all will need:
-Plastic Snack bags
-Pipe Cleaners
- Pretzels (whatever other healthy snack you would like to add)

     Fill the snack bags with whatever snack you have chosen, you can choose two different snacks if you would like and have them on separate sides of the butterfly. Once the bags are filled, take a pipe cleaner and wrap around the bag, make the ends even together and twist at the bottom of the pipe cleaner, closer to the bag, to keep the snack separated. To finish twist the ends of the pipe cleaners into curly spirals to make the butterfly antennas.

How easy and cute are those! This will also be a great snack to send during spring. 

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