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Monday, January 27, 2014

Daddies mean Fun, Mommies mean Business- Who's the favorite parent?

      The other morning I was watching one of the morning shows, I'm not sure if it was GMA or maybe The View, but one of them were talking about The Wendy Williams Show and how she had an emotional show because her son wanted to go live with his father and she was no longer the favorite parent. This got me thinking, favorite parent? 

     I like to think I am the "favorite" parent. After all, I am the one that cooks all your food, washed all your laundry, cleaned up your throw up, ya know all the mom things. Ha, that doesn't make me the favorite parent, those things aren't even probably considered. In our home, my husband and I are both the, so-called favorite parent in different ways and needed in different ways and I am okay with that because we're a team. My children come to me for every question in the book, except when it comes to having a piece of candy, going fishing, going to the go-cart track and arcade, staying up just a little bit later, having a extra late night snack, etc. stuff that mommy will surely say no about. Then my children come to me for everything else and it always starts with mommy. Mommy, do you know where my other shoe is, Mommy, when is it breakfast,lunch, dinner time?, Mommy, can I have a  snack, or piece of candy, the list goes on and on. Story of our mommy lives huh?

    However, Every family is different and has a different dynamic. In your family how do you think your kids look at you and do you think they have a favorite parent? I'm sure at different moments, just like we did as kids, liked whichever parent was letting us do whatever we wanted and would let us get our way. That's just the circle of life. I always knew when I was growing up that my Daddy meant we can always do something fun, and mom meant business, we also would do great fun things but only after and if we had worked hard and did what we were suppose to. (I'm glad my husband agrees with this "parenting philosophy" of my mothers, and we raise our children this way, we think it's important for them to know to work hard then play hard)So here is the Question I have for you all:

     How does it work in your family? Who do your children consider the "favorite" parent? Is it like our house, where we are each the favorite for different reasons, in different ways? If you are separated, do you and your other compete to be the "favorite" parent? 

     I think we all want to be the favorite parent, the one they come to for everything. I feel that as long as we are always there for our children whether they ask for us to be or not, just knowing we are there for them. It shouldn't be which parent is the favorite but that both parents are there for their children for the good and the bad, the fun and the sad, and whenever they are needed and some time when they are not. Our Children                             may grow up but they will always need us to be their parents. 

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