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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Science Fair - The 4th grade project that almost earned me worst mom ofthe year award.

     In my world, it only revolves if everything is planned out accordingly and everyone is doing what they are suppose to, the house gets cleaned like its scheduled, and everything runs perfectly. Then I get sick, and it falls apart. That is just how life as a mother and wife is, especially here in the south. I have a very traditional house hold and I choose to have it that way. I do not like when my husband helps with anything other then folding laundry or doing dishes.. and he can sometimes cook ( He can do that anytime honestly) but I think that, he is the one that goes out and works and makes most of the money, so I take care of the house chores, cooking, most of the kid care, and making sure this house hold runs like a well oiled machine. Well since I had been sick for over a week now, the house was starting to look like bums lived here and things were not getting done on time or how they needed to be. I started feeling better after going to the Dr. and getting some medicine. Good thing I did because when I started cleaning up and going through the mountain of papers accumulating on my counter I saw my sons Science Fair Project papers that reminded me it needed to be completed by today. All I could think was, " I am going to get the worst mother of the year award." I was also thinking that that is so not like me to have forgotten something like that.

     Luckily there were parts to his project we had already completed we just needed to do the experiment itself and get it all put together. We went to buy the fish needed for his project of Do Fish Breathe Underwater, to study if different fish breathe differently under the same circumstances, such as tapping on the glass or flicking your finger in water. I purchased 3 fish, one being a gold fish (Here is a new parent rule to add to the handbook - If the original topic of the science fair project is Do Goldfish breathe differently then other fish, buy an extra gold fish). We woke up this morning to a dead goldfish! Luckily we were able to still do the project just change the name, and I must say my son did an amazing job on his project!

(*This afternoon my son came home and said he had lost one of his E's, I told him he could get another one to take in.- As I look at the picture that we took last night he had already lost it and I didn't catch it! I was almost cross eyed by the time he was ready for a picture from all the science fair experiment and stuff everywhere. Oh well! It looks great and he did an amazing job!)

     All he has left is gluing it all to the board and they are doing that in their class tomorrow. I am very excited for him because he worked very hard, even though it was a struggle at times It's ready to go!

"Have you had to do the Science Fair? How did your child handle it for their first time and do you have any tips for us for next year?"

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