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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls - Out of the box!

      Pillsbury is absolutely the best, but lets be honest, who didn't already know that? So grocery shopping in the store I see this product down the baking isle that I haven't seen before and probably because my husband does most of the grocery shopping,yes i said; my husband does most of the grocery shopping, but he does an amazing job and that is one less thing I have to worry about. So I decided we would try it and I wouldn't have to buy the can of cinnamon rolls and it would still be "homemade" but everything is right there for me! I decided to make the Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday Morning for our Sunday Breakfast. I always try to cook a nice breakfast on Sundays for the family, that always starts the day off great! I was a little nervous about making them because if they weren't good or I didn't do something right.. we didn't have a back up breakfast... BUT they absolutely turned out PERFECT, and were so ooey gooey delicious. 

     Making this was very easy! Just make sure you allow yourself enough time because the yeast does need to rise! This is also something that would be a great cooking activity for you to do as a family! The kids would really enjoy spreading the cinnamon butter and helping to roll the rolls. Also an idea for anyone who makes these at the holidays.. you could add sprinkles to the cinnamon butter spread or you can add sprinkles to the top of the rolls once finished. My children would want sprinkles on the inside and outside, which can make for a very festive breakfast for any occasion really. Also great to make and take to work or school for the teachers or your child's class, for a different type of snack for their birthday. Make sure to speak with the teacher first though! 

     Pillsbury of course has some of the best products around and not only that but they have an amazing website at that has so many recipes, videos, and even a member discussion board where you can share your recipes with others and get some new ones for your self and your family! They have contest that are going on and you can participate in or just enjoy the recipes from all that are participating in the contest! With all the products offered there is no reason why you wouldn't find a Pillsbury product that you like! 

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