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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back To School - To Much or Just the cost of Kids?


    Many of us down here in the South have been in school for about a month now and I must say that from the way the school year is going so far it is going to be a busy and hectic year... In this month, (which please keep in mind the second week of school we were out for 3 days due to Hurricane Issac) we have already completed one fundraiser which is done every year at the beginning and sent home on the FIRST day of school, we are currently doing book fair this week and that completes on Friday, and I just sent in a field trip form for my son to go on a field trip 9/24. Does anyone else think this is too much for the first month of school? I have two kids in school and that gets expensive.. two of everything! I couldn't imagine having more children in school. I understand that there could be ways of getting around buying two things from every fundraiser but I only think its fair for our children to both be able to participate in their school fundraisers and help raise money for their school, so i guess I shouldn't complain but so much at one time and the fact that it will continue probably all throughout the year is a bit much, I think!  So far Since School has started NOT to mention any of the school clothes, or supplies we have spent:
- Fundraiser: Pizza Kits, 2 kids = $18.00
- Book Fair: 2 kids, $15.00 a piece = $30.00
- Headphones for Computer: Both Kids $6.00 a piece: $12.00
- School Shirts (because the whole school wears them Fridays), yeah & 2 kids, $12.00 = 24.00
- Field Trip, 1 kid = $6.00
To Much? or Just the Cost of Kids?
     I completely agree that the schools should do fundraisers to raise money for the anything that is needed. However I feel that $90.00 in the first month of school is crazy. Now yes, maybe the Book fair at 15.00 a piece per kid could have been cut back but honestly I rather the kids spend that money on books and pencils to draw and write with than toys and stuff they really just don't need. So after looking at my bank account and it being absolutely "out of sorts" and finding that I have spent 90.00 at the school already, in the first month of school, I need to figure out why!
    With the price of everything going up in the entire world and cut backs happening to our education it is being expected that parents supply more and buy more to help the schools be able to teach our children... HOWEVER... I feel that the school should take this into consideration for the parents as well. So in our family, we are going to be looking into some ways to save us money but also help out our school!
  1.  The first thing we have considered is putting a $10.00 limit on what we add to the book fair. If the kids want more then that then they are going to have use some of their allowance for that. With my son being at a more responsible age we are starting a allowance with him. Were looking and trying out different options for us with the allowance but any extra money other then $10.00 will need to come from them.  
  2.  Fundraisers: As previously in my post I feel its necessary for each child to be able to participate in the fundraisers and raise some money for their school. What we do is ask one family member to purchase one thing from one child and then a different family member to purchase at least one thing from the other child. That way each child is at least participating in the fundraiser and were not spending even more money and were not constantly begging our family and friends to buy buy buy from our child when they have children of their own.  
  3. Lunch: This isn't a problem for our family... because my children are very picky and take their lunches and snacks everyday. However, if your child eats at school and does not receive free lunch that can get expensive. Our school lunches are $1.50 per lunch. If your child eats every day all week that right there is $7.50 a week. That is not bad for one child however add multiple children to that and it will add up. Having your child take his/her lunch will save you money automatically especially if after you go grocery shopping you go ahead and separate the snacks that go with lunch down you will know what you have for the school week and what you have left over for the week. Plus the money you save will add up and if you eat out at work , start taking your lunch and see how much you save. If you have access to a microwave, start taking leftovers! They are the best for next day lunches!

    These are some that we came up with right off the top of our head, just based on the money we've spent and saved already... Do you have any Money Saving Tips for when it comes to being a parent and doing it all?

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