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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Little Zoo That Could, ALWAYS makes us happy!!


     We absolutely love the The Little Zoo That Could! You may have heard of this zoo and you may not have, however this is definitely a very very special place. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo was featured on the Discovery Channel as The Little Zoo That Could! This zoo was destroyed in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan. All the zoo animals were evacuated by staff and volunteers inland to higher land and away from the zoo. If the animals would have been left they would have not survived. The animals and this zoo was rescued and is being rebuilt thanks to the staff and all the volunteers that dearly love this zoo. I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast and this place has been around as long as I can remember! We lost everything during Hurricane Ivan as well. The gulf coast was devastated by this storm.  Last Summer was the first time since the storm that I had returned. We took the kids and family we had in from Oklahoma to visit the zoo and then pawpaw took the kids to play golf! (The best mini golf rates) Our kids absolutely love this zoo and how close they feel and can get to all the animals. We usually visit this zoo at least once or twice a year.
     For Christmas this year one of our gifts was a membership for a full year at the zoo to all activities and events.  The membership is free admission for a year for your family, Two Parents and all children living at home. We were all so excited, we couldn't wait for it to warm up so we could go an enjoy!! :) Now, we will be visiting the zoo much more often and of course taking all our friends and family!

Please be sure to visit their website and watch the story on this amazing zoo and all that it has been through!! Also please contribute to assist this zoo in moving to higher ground! We have been very blessed that we have not any storms like Ivan or Katrina come near us in many years, and we hope to keep in that way! Donate if you are able to even just $1.00 to help move the animals and save this wonderful zoo!

     On this particular Day we decided to go out to the Zoo and then head for a picnic at the beach. The Zoo is maybe a mile from the beach so its a wonderful day adventure for the family! Plus, now that we have a membership it is going to be the perfect "for free" activities for us. We love to visit all the animals. The bigger animals such as the bears, and cats are our favorite to look at because they seem so close and personal. Plus our kids love reading about them (even though the signs never change from the last time they were there). The kids love the petting zoo. My daughter of course was skeptical of putting her hands down there for the animals but after a first couple of times watching her brother she was right there with him!

One of our favorite and must see animals that we have to visit always is Chucky! He is a huge alligator that has made The Alabama Gulf Coast his home. He use to love to visit the locals at the campground till he was brought to the zoo.  I would be scared for sure, if he ever visited me!

After our visit at the zoo we went for a picnic on the beach at the public beach access. This tiny town is such a beautiful area and has so many special places to visit. This particular one happens to be one of mine and my families favorite!! :) A absolute must see!!!

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