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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Crafty Tuesday- DIY Father's Day, 5 Gift Ideas

     Today's our Crafty on Tuesday series and all of a sudden I'm hooked on Father's Day and things to do to celebrate! I'm sure it's because I feel absolutely horrible that I will not be with my husband on Father's Day and I will have one of our children with me out of state.. My daughter and I have a wedding to go to and it just so happens that its the Saturday before Father's Day....*facepalm* that is exactly what I did when I realized that I would be almost a thousand miles away on his day. So I decided that we would celebrate Fathers Day this weekend {Even though it's going to be a busy weekend too}.So I'm looking at a few things we can do for my husband and of course I stumbled across a TON of things I would love to do for Father's Day, so I figured this would be great to share with all of you who may be looking for something of your husbands and/or the best dad you know!

I found a lot of ideas perfect for my husband for Father's Day that is coming up soon on June 21, 2015 and I finally narrowed down what my children and I are going to do for him this weekend but I found a few other really cool ideas that I would love to make but you can't make or get everything so I figured I would share with all y'all! Besides the ones I chose which I will share with you later, here are my top 5 favorites! Hope this helps you all and gives you some great ideas to make for your husbands/fathers/grandfathers/great grandfathers/brothers/uncle/etc.

*Courtesy of  Personalization Mall 
Is your favorite man a fisherman? This will be perfect for him and help him catch a Big One. You can purchase these at Personalization Mall  or you can also DIY these if you have a Silhouette or Cricut and you can purchase any of your favorite lures at any fishing/ sports store or Walmart carries a great selection.
TIP: Pay attention ladies, if you do not know anything about fishing there are different kinds of lures for saltwater and freshwater. 
*Courtesy of Laughing Kids Learn 
My husband recently was given a set of golf clubs that were used but were in great shape. He has never played golf other then your normal family putt putt game. Since getting those clubs those he has taken interest more in the game and technique of the sport. With that being a new hobby he is coming to love more and more I thought this would be a cute idea to do with the kids and give him a few more golf balls to loose.

*Courtesy of  Love, Laughter, Forever After
Customize this Fathers Day "Cake" for the special man in your life. This is a very cute idea and no matter what your husband says he will think this is an awesome idea especially if it has all his favorite stuff and a few surprise gifts!

*Courtesy of  Staying Close to Home
This frame is the cutest and perfect to go in dad's or grandpas workshop. This is also very easy and fun for the kids to make. You could get a little more creative and decorate the washers and nuts or you could decorate the background as a picture the kids drew or paint it to add a little more customization to it.

& this is my number 1 favorite that I found and I will actually be making my husband some of these but in our own way, with different sayings.

*Courtesy of These Little Loves
How A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E are these Grilling Prep Plates? I think these are such a great idea and with Summer here its absolutely a perfect addition to your dad's cookout! & Bethany is right A Father's Day Gift He'll Actually Use!

Hope this helps you with your Father's Day Gift Decision! I know men are picky and really harder then women to buy for so I hope these 5 awesome DIY ideas are a great help to picking out the perfect gift for the man/men in your life! 

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