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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

{Crafty on Tuesday} Cross Stitch with the Kids *Fail*

Hey Y'all, have you been getting crafty?? We haven't because we just came back from Pennsylvania last Monday and have been trying to get all caught up with work, unpack, clean the house up, etc. Well of course I didn't want to fall off track even more from us being away, so I had to think up something quick and I remembered I bought these two cross stitch patterns from Hobby Lobby for  a few bucks. ( I don't remember the price) and I thought these were absolutely perfect to talk about today on our Crafty Tuesday!

     When I was a kid you could find little ones that didn't take much time and were "easy". At least I remember them being easy. I first did cross-stitch with my nanny. She wasn't technically my nanny, but we were family. She was my mom's best friends grandmother and she always would keep my moms BFF's two girls and me on the weekends and we would go to church with her. I've always loved anything crafty. So of course, I thought these would be fun and a good focus activity because the kids have been wild since the last day of school. On a "It's Summertime" high, where all they wanna do is go go go..... Well boy was I wrong.
     These were not "easy", I could see the overwhelming look in both the kids eyes, and then the confused looks that continued on their face as they tried their first cross stitch made me instantly know they were not going to be all about this..... and they weren't about it at all... They didn't like the little holes or having to count down.. nothing. I admit, the one I had for them were not easy. So we decided that it would much easier if they did their own designs. They of course loved this much much more. Maybe we will try again in a few years, for now we will just go with the flow! This is one of our many Crafty Fails! Hope y'all have a better craft day.

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