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Friday, June 5, 2015

Bridesmaids Checklist - 15 Days till the #CrawleyWedding

     I cannot believe we are 15 days out from this wedding!! It's almost here I remember when the bride was posting pictures of the countdown and we had 500 days to go & look at us now. As I start thinking about "getting there" to the wedding destination, my anxiety begins to rise fast. I'm flying, which I have done many many of times but this time there is one thing different, My 8 year old daughter is flying for her first time. I'm very nervous about that by its self. She isn't a "rusher", if you rush her she is going to go as slow as she can, so long layovers. She doesn't like loud noises, she gets scared easily, and all of the above, so I'm hoping she is okay with everything. She's very excited though about flying for her first time and being the flower girl so hopefully the excitement will handle everything else.

     With 15 days left I'm not only worrying about her, but I'm also worrying about making sure I have everything I need, because heaven forbid, I am 15 hours away and forget my other shoe, or earrings. I had to start a check list- so I started one and then I thought well let me go ahead and find a pre-made one that has thought of probably everything!! This is the one I found and it has so many different things I didn't even think about, so I have to share with y'all! I would have never thought about these few things, and this is number one.

-The RIGHT bra and panties, I mean obviously you need bra and panties but you need the right ones for your dress. So this check list will also give you PRO Tips like this one. Try your bridesmaids dress on with the RIGHT bra and panties and make sure you have no lines and your straps aren't showing & if they obviously it's not the right one.

     Head on over and grab this check list from because I can guarantee you need it, or at least you will like to have it so you don't forget anything!

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