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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blogging Journey

Where to start? My blogging Journey has  been a long but short road. I've been blogging now for 6 years. Just writing that it takes me back. I decided to start blogging right after my dad tragically passed away. I really needed something to do, something to focus on. I was a Stay at home mom and work at home mom and I needed something more, something that was just for me. I started writing just for me, to get things out of my head and off of my chest. Then the more interested I became in blogging, I started thinking more and more that I could do this and make it so much more. That is where my Journey began. I started out with several different names for my blog and had it on different domain. I did not like that and had to switch in it 2012. I lost a lot of my posts at that time and well needless to say I was a little burnt out, well not really burnt out but derailed. I had worked so hard on so much and it was just gone... Anyways I've moved on and things couldn't be better. I considered doing another site switch but I can't take the risk of even possibly loosing everything. Even though it's backed up.

Since I've started blogging, I look like I'm a tourist every where we go. My husband sometimes has this look in his eye when I say I'm bringing the camera but he's so supportive he understands how important this is to me and he just smiles and supports. My journey in the beginning had many roadblocks that I felt I was constantly having to go around, avoid, and it began that I noticed I was censoring and constantly over thinking every post I was writing. Since I noticed that, I began writing just for me{and you the readers of course, but...}, things I wanted to write, and stuff that was going in on in our life and I became so much more interested in my blogging. I began following other bloggers, joining communities, linking up, etc. & Now here I am!

My blogging journey has been great and I've got to work with so many different people that have became friends. I think that is the most rewarding part of blogging is all the people that support you and are willing to help and become people you talk with everyday! Having those relationships are critical for everyone and even though some may say oh you don't know them. I think as bloggers, we know each other sometimes better then our friends and some family members know us because we read and interact with each other so much more. As a blogger is that how you feel too? I'm so blessed to have worked with the people I have, the brands, and other blogs. Since I joined Alabama Women Bloggers Community, I have since joined the team, and now I am the editor of the site. This is a amazing group of women and since becoming the editor for the site, I've joined a bigger community The Women Bloggers, which is a state based community, so check in and join your state women bloggers and then come join us at Alabama Women Bloggers so we can list you in our directory!

I really don't know what I would do with all the creativity that I have had in me over the past 6 years. Probably do what we did back in the "old days" before computers, the Internet, and blogs.. and that's write in journals! I still have quiet a few of them in an old box! See I was destined to blog!

Tell us about your blogging journey! Please feel free to share any tips you may have learned and gained along the way in your blogging journey.

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