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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Red & Green Rolo Cookies

     Okay so maybe they came out a shade lighter then Red and are Pink BUT they go well with the green and it's Christmas so we are calling them Red, we will say Pink at Valentines Day. :)

     These cookies are lets just say, yummy & a beautiful treat! I was a little nervous about the outcome of the Rolo in the little sugar cookie ball and it burning from oozing out, but they turned out great and no oozing. I choose to make these with sugar cookies but you could also use a Snickerdoodle or Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe. I made a very simple Sugar Cookie Recipe and all you have to do to make these is roll into a ball, shove the Rolo from the bottom into the middle of the roll and cover the Rolo on the bottom with the Sugar Cookie so the Rolo is in the middle and completely covered.

     I baked at 350 F for 5-7 minutes until the cookies were brown on the edges. If you make the cookie balls really thick they are going to burn on the edges and may not be completely done in the middle. I do recommend making the balls medium size enough to completely cover the Rolo.

     Here is a recipe a love and use, this Simple Sugar Cookie Recipe from Katrinas Kitchen so you don't have to go look one up just add Rolos! These are also great for Cookie Cutter Cookies which we will be making later this week or maybe even get them made tonight to decorate tomorrow.

-Sugar Cookie Recipe from Katrinas Kitchen

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