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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{The Scott Life} A little bit of us shared with y'all!

Making : Blogs, I've really missed writing! I have so much I want to write about!
Cooking : I'll be cooking Pulled Pork, Tatar Tots, and Green Beans for dinner
Drinking : Water
Reading: All the emails I have, I really have to get these caught up.
Wanting: to get back on track - After our vacation, I really am wondering how did I do all that?
Looking: for my mojo! Got things to do and get done!
Playing: Music - I need music daily! :)
Wasting: Time, finishing this blog while my son finishes up his worksheet.

Sewing: Nothing Currently, but I am going to be working on my Raised Southern Boutique page, look for it to come soon- Just in time for the holidays!
Wishing: for a cloning machine this week - It would be nice to have more of me.
Enjoying: Being home, it's nice to be home but there is so much to do and so much we see that needs to be done.
Waiting: for the weekend! I'm excited to spend some one on one time with my husband!
Liking: that I'm a pretty organized person - It helps things run so much smoother
Wondering: all about that bass! lmbo - it's a song for those of you who may not know, I truly don't know how you wouldn't but it's now stuck in my head... I'm wondering if by the end of the week I can really get back on schedule!
Loving: My family! I absolutely love our life, we have it all together!
Hoping: to get my boutique back up and running in the next couple of weeks
Needing: More time in a day, I have so much I want to do but not enough time to get it all done
Smelling: the carpet freshener! I absolutely love the way that stuff smells. I'm addicted to my house smelling good, I always have something going, a candle, incent, or that fresh clean smell from bleaching.
Wearing: leggings, t-shirt, & a messy bun. I have so much to do and we are not going anywhere today so I will not be wasting a full outfit. Of course my make up is done though- Have to put your face on ladies :)
Following: No one, I am the own leader of my life! & you are the leader of your life, do not follow anyone- be yourself
Noticing: That life is better when we stay in our little place of the world, living our lives, loving each other, being there for our true friends and family and letting the rest just fall into place.
Knowing:- there is nothing like knowing you are currently on the right path!
Thinking: about the schedule for today and the many things I have to do alone, not to mention make sure everyone else gets there stuff done.
Feeling: exhausted/ but well rested at the same time - is that even possible?
My body feels well rested, my mind is exhausted

Bookmarking: Home school sites, everyday, all-day.
Opening: My boutique back up! YAY! - I closed it, except to current customers because things started getting so busy with my blog and being Editor for Alabama Women Bloggers that I had no time to steady keep it up, well it's now or never. Not really, but why wait? I can do it all right? { ^^ I know up there I said I don't know how I do it all and look there, I'm adding something else to the list that I need to tend to.}
Giggling: about myself ^^ C: Have a great rest of the week y'all!

Here is the list that I used but ready for you to copy & Paste on your very own blog!

Making : :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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