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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunday Baking with My Cake Decorating Kit

     Are you a Baker and can make a delicious cakes, pies, and cookies, but you can't decorate them the way you want because you just don't know the right technique? I tend to have that problem with everything, well except a pie, I'm getting pretty good at pie crusts, and pie tops. {I'm getting excited for Thanksgiving baking!}However, before I start thinking about Thanksgiving, I have to get through Halloween, & during this time I will want to make cute things so I was very excited when I heard about the opportunity to review the first two My Cake Decorating Kits.
        I was very happy when my package came containing my kits. Being in Direct Sales, you learn that one of the most important things about your business are the little things like customer service and making a memorable experience with the customer so they also remember you.  My Cake Decorating does a great job making a memorable experience with the customer. When I opened the package, I was very excited to see beautiful packaging, with a great Welcome letter to me! It was like opening a special gift, even though I knew what was in the starter kit, I was excited to get it and try out all the knew tools.


     The Starter Kit comes with plenty for you to do, I have to find the time to try them all.

     The kit contains your First Guide, Set of Two Butterfly Cutters, A Cupcake Stand, and your bonus gift! - This bonus gift is going to be exactly what is needed this holiday season to help you make all your favorite kinds of cookies and cupcakes, Icing & Cookie Press Gun Set. You can sign up for your Starter Kit over at My Cake Decorating for only $1.99, check back frequently to their site for other special offers that maybe available. This is a great kit to try out, I'm very excited to see how our holiday baking turns out this year with my new knowledge from their kits!

     I'm so happy I had my mom baking for a bake sale to help me try out the starter kit. To test out the kit we tried their recipe for Sugar Cookies on page 6 of the booklet included in your Starter Kit. My mom had a lot to say about the kit, and I think she enjoyed it just as much! So I included her review on it as well. She said, "For years, I've been trying Sugar Cookie recipes hoping to find one that was both tasty and easy. Your recipe on page 6 of booklet 1 is delicious, super easy, and i had all the necessary ingredients on hand. I used the precious pink butterfly cookie cutters to shape my cookies. they are well made, held their shape, and did not bend. My cookies were not as nicely shaped as the ones in the booklet, but they are cute and will be a hit at the bake sale. I'm sure my grandbabies will love them too."

I can't wait to try Month 1 Kit in the next couple of days and see what we can create next!
Get more Information on My Cake Decorating, The Starter Kit, and More at

This Cake Decorating Kit was provided by Cake Decorating USA for testing purposes through ALWB. No other compensation was given.

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