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Monday, September 22, 2014

Spooky Treats from My Cake Decorating Kits - Kit 2

      I spent a lot of time deciding what I was going to make from Kit 2 of My Cake Decorating! It all looks so delicious. I wanted to make something though that was healthy since I am on a health kick, well as healthy as possible, after all it is cake, cupcakes, and sweets. I chose to make the Banana Cupcakes! I highly recommend this being something you try!

      I really wanted to use fondant, however I do not like trying things for a first time when I have review. I've never used fondant but all of these beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes are made with fondant and it makes them all extra beautiful, I new my post would end up as a, "How I failed with Fondant and with the instructions right in front of me". I don't see that being a good post, a funny one but not what I wanted. I think the fondant is going to take practice {look for it in a later post}. I chose to take the cupcakes and make them a little spooky for the upcoming Halloween Season.

*Look for the recipes for the bones and links to the how tos for the headstones and bones in another post coming soon.*

       This kit helped me in so many ways. I used the piping bags to make the bones with white chocolate, be careful and don't put the chocolate in the bag too hot, make sure is cool, but not hardened yet, and then load into the bags. I busted a bag {and burned my hand a little} because it was too hot. The piping bags are reusable and absolutely great. If you have never used any, there are instructions in the booklet provided for filling them. The tips that I received were perfect for the bones that I wanted to make. I used the smallest circle piping tip and began making the bones. I'm glad there was one with this kit because I did not have one. The tips that are provided are great and seem to be the ones you would use the most, until you got better technique, at least I will.

     The Month one kit also includes these other great items, you will be getting your next three guides, 3 Decorating Tips, 3 Piping Bags, 2 Couplers, Alphabet Embossers, 2 Star Cutters and a Double Ended Ball Tool. Plus your next free gift - Collection Binder. Head on over to NOW to sign up for your starter kit and the monthly kits are perfect for anyones budget!

This Cake Decorating Kit was provided by Cake Decorating USA for testing purposes through ALWB. No other compensation was given.

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