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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hey Y'all, It's Fall & that means....

Happy Fall Y'all! Are you excited or what? PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! :) Besides there being pumpkin everything I love the colors of Fall and all the decor. My kitchen is fall colors all year so I get excited when I get to add the colors through out the rest of the house. So with the weekend nearing and it's officially fall, I will be getting all of my fall and Halloween Decorations put out. Before I do though I wanted to take a look through my Pinterest Boards and share with y'all some of my favorite Pins for Fall and some that I will be doing!

How adorable and easy is this, however I can see my kids in it because they just had to see what it felt like, or my husband doing it because he just had to mess with me :) Still adorable! Maybe I'll save these for Thanksgiving where they are only out for the one day for decoration. They should all be able to keep their fingers out then.

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This is something that absolutely will be hanging on my door, with a S. I need to make a trip to Old Time Pottery who wants to go?

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This would be an amazing mailbox decor for your home. I absolutely would love to do this! Maybe next year! I don't know if with all the stuff I want to do this year will allow me to do this too. If you decide to add this to your home decor please send us a picture, I would love to see. 

Now I must share with you these two wreaths which I will be attempting to make the first one. I think this would not only be a perfect addition to my fall decor, but because it's so "country" with the burlap & sunflowers and because it matches my kitchen decor, I think would be the perfect addition to our kitchen door. 

This other one here, well I am loving it and if you're a Disney lover then you will love this too! It also looks incredibly easy to make.. 15 minute Craft. I can't resist this one. It will be hanging on our front door soon. I will have a blog to come about it of course. 
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These are some of my favorite Fall Home Decor pieces. The weather here in Gulf Coast, Alabama is starting to show signs of Fall, cool mornings and nice evenings. Even though I am not a Fall & Winter person weather wise I absolutely love the feel of these times of year. Tis the Season! {to get your fall and Halloween stuff out that is!}