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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm #Always #LikeAGirl because I am a Girl

Have you seen the #Always #LikeaGirl Commercial? This commercial, no matter how many times I watch it, brings tears to my eyes because of the difference between how women and little girls see different things but only because society and people around us have made us women feel like we can’t be ourselves. Even if our self is “not cool” to other people, even if you have different dreams, aspirations, opinions, or hobbies, Always Be Yourself!
If you have daughters make sure to build their self confidence because the world and others will tear it down and we want all children, not just our sons to be strong, independent, and leaders, but we want our daughters to have all the same qualities and to know that they can do anything in the world that they want as long as they work hard and stay strong through whatever obstacles they may face.
If you haven’t seen the video then watch it because yes I do everything like a girl, because I am a girl, and that’s great!

Have a great day everyone, and make someone elses day great too.

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