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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{Back to School} Tax Free Shopping Weekend

     It's that time again, Back to School & Back to School Sales. I'm very excited because this year we are homeschooling my son. As a mother of two children I know how much it costs to buy school clothes, supplies, shoes, and pay any additional school fees, not to mention the fundraisers they send home within the first week of school. It is expensive and for many families they can't afford it all or it sets them back some, so saving any money at all is great. The best time to shop is when it is Tax free and 16 states offer Tax Free Weekend where you can get a certain amount of school supplies, clothes, computers, and some states offer more with no additional tax. This saves so much for me because I'm already such a frugal shopper. Here is a list that shows when every state that offers a tax free weekend and what is covered.

-If your in Alabama like I am our Tax Free Weekend is August 1-3 and covers:
     Clothing $100
     Computers $750
     School Supplies $50
     Books $30
-I am also very close to Pensacola, FL and have many friends and family that are in that area.Here is the dates for Florida. Your weekend is also August 1-3 and covers:
     School Supplies $15
     Clothing $100
     Computers $750

Here is the list for the other 14 States:

Happy Back 2 School Shopping!

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