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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{Alabama Women Bloggers} We're celebrating a year together!

     Happy 1 year to us, Alabama Women Bloggers!! I remember when I received an email from my Aunt telling me that I really needed to join this site, it was a growing site and it would be good for my blog if I went ahead and joined and participated in the community. I thought this was awesome because I live in Alabama, I'm a Women, and a Blogger! This was PERFECT lol, but the main reason it was perfect is because I wanted to really become apart of this community and help out!

     Shortly after I joined, I was offered the opportunity to guest post my S'more Brownies for Foodie Friday! This of course just increased my excitement! A few months later Alabama Women Bloggers opened up to accept Team Members to start building the site. I started out doing the Blogger of the Month Series that we host every Monday. I really enjoyed that because I was able to meet and work with bloggers for a whole month and really build a friendship. At the beginning of April I was offered the opportunity to become the Editor for the site and take it over. I was beyond ecstatic about this but sad that our current Editor & Co-Editor had decided to step down and focus on some other important things they had going on.
     After the initial shock wore off that I was going to be the Editor and I had to run my site, and this site. I started formulating a plan, even though it felt like the odds were stacked against me, we are finally up and going. I am so proud of the team we have built of 10 wonderful ladies and getting to know each of them and working with them have been a lot of fun! Our Site is growing everyday and it is all because of y'all! Thanks for letting me apart of this wonderful blog, but not only that really getting my hands in there. It has helped me grow as a blogger and learn a lot in social media marketing!

If you are a blogger, please join us at Alabama Women Bloggers, we are even accepting out of state bloggers! We just want to build a community full of women bloggers uplifting and inspiring each other to be the best that they can be in every way.

Thank you Stephanie, Founder of ALWB, All of the ladies apart of the ALWB Team, and all our readers and community! I hope for many many more years with all y'all!

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