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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Past Couple of Weeks = CRAZY - Flooding Rains, No Power, Water, or Internet, & it isn't even Hurrican Season Yet.

     Since April 28th, my weeks have been absolutely, capital C-R-A-Z-Y! On April 29th we were suppose to go on a trip with my sons 4th grade class to Montgomery to see all the important stuff! The Capitol Building, Judicial Building, Old Town AL, Governors Mansion, and the State House. My son was so excited and I was so sad that I was going to have to not allow him to go to school and as of 4 p.m. they still had not cancelled the trip because it was only a slight risk for storms. I am terrified of bad storms with tornados and I just couldn't get on that bus with my child and be okay.
I sure am glad that the trip was cancelled because that day is surely a day no one around here will forget.

All of us that live on the gulf coast are use to Hurricanes, its what we do from June 1- Dec 1. but it was April and we were only suppose to have a "Slight Risk" for Bad Weather.
Here is what we woke up to on Tuesday the 29th.

Here is what happened over in Pensacola, FL which is the nearest city to us ( I live on the state line of AL and FL .  and it's also my hometown.

We have a Graffiti Bridge in Pensacola you can visit the site and see other paintings that have been done on this bridge! It is a beautiful piece of Pensacola! This is what was done after the flood.

After dealing with the rain and having to go all different ways to anywhere we went, things slowly started becoming normal. We got power back on Tuesday Night, The kids went back to school, husband off to work, and then me with no internet! That was a very stressful situation just because everything I do is on the internet! However it got fixed as well a week and a day later, with a new box on the outside of my home, and a new modem/router inside the home.

I can't believe the way it rained and how much was tore up from the rain and rushing water, & it's not even Hurricane Season Yet! What is up with that Mother Nature? All I know is they are predicting a less active Hurricane season this year which is great for us.

We know some people who lost everything in the flooding rains and that is the hardest thing because no one was prepared or knew this was going to happen. Please stop and say a prayer for them to get through these tough times!

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