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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

30 Things Your Kids Should Know About You- Day 15 - Describe how you knew your spouse was the one and how you knew you fell in love.

Well the last of our 2 part series that was in April & May was put on hold due to the flooding rain we had on April 28 and we were with out Internet for a week and power for a day. So getting back on track I will do day 15 today, and we will start day 16-30 on May 15th!
Day 15- Describe when you knew your spouse was the one.

     The day I knew my husband was the one.... well let me tell a little story....

    Mr. Scott and I met my sophomore year of high school, his junior year. I think it was instant attraction, I was the good little preppy country girl and he was the bad boy from town. Even though we lived less then 1/2 a mile apart we had never met till the second semester of school in 2002.
     He wasn't my type, our school was very "clicky" (there were groups, the preppy kids, football players, cheerleaders, goth, smart kids, etc.) and you generally dated within your group. However I happen to meet him in my class and found out he liked me. After recently dealing with a typical jerk high school boy, I thought why not. We hung out for the first time here at our now home (it was my grandparents home) on January 26 and had our first kiss here that night, by Monday January 28th, he was asking me if I would be his girlfriend. Oh to think back to those days 12 years ago.... I think I loved how sweet he was, and how all about me he was.
    We then went through the typical high school relationship drama, dealing with everyone in our business, him going to another school, dealing with new friends, trust, all that fun stuff. After the first year I honestly was not sure how it was going to turn out, we went down a bumpy road. We were kids, that only thought we knew what love was.
     In September 2003, We found out I was pregnant, I was 17, and terrified doesn't even began to describe how I felt. We went through a even harder time then. After hitting rock bottom and not knowing where life was going to take us, it all started looking up and becoming clearer. Mr. Scott got a respectable job Framing Houses and was starting to be able to take care of myself and him the best he could. My mom started to come around and I moved back in, by the time our son was 2 weeks old, we were living together and building our life. From that moment on, when he stepped up at 18 years old and said I'm going to take care of you and our son and has continued to do that 10 years later ( our son turned 10 on Saturday) that was the moment I knew he was the one.
     Showing me that he could be the man I needed to be and the father he should be, showed me that he had the ability to be a great man, husband, and father! Since then things have been great, life has been hard at times because that's what Life is, but we have been together through it all and tried to always be each others rock, even if we didn't always succeed we knew no matter what we still had each other!


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