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Thursday, July 18, 2013

S'mores Brownies - 2-in-1 Dessert

S'mores Brownies

     Just the word S'mores makes me want to go light a campfire in this awful 93 degree weather, just to have that ooey gooey yummyness! Add the word brownie to a S'more and I'm close to dessesrt heaven! I love Brownies just as much... Frankly I have a sweet tooth and love most sweets, and all sweets that are chocolate!
     I saw S'mores Brownies flash across my Pinterest feed, and I had the ingredients in the cabinet! I made them with my nieces Friday afternoon to give them something to do. We really enjoyed baking around here, so I figured lets make some for the weekend!

-Brownie mix
- Graham Crackers
- Marshmallows ( the little ones)

- Preheat oven and mix brownie mix as directed from box. Pour half of the batter into the 9x13.
     -Line the top of the mix with Whole Graham Crackers. Just sit the Graham Crackers on top of the batter that is already in the pan.
     -Add Marshmallows to the top to cover
     - Pour the remaining batter on the top!
     - Cook the Brownies as directed on the box!

THEN, enjoy those scrumptious Brownies!!! - The kids really enjoyed them and I must say they hit the spot! This is one our our favorite Deserts!


Stephanie Parker said...

I love s'mores and brownies. I bet these are amazing!

I am working with We would love for you to share this for our Foodie Friday guest posts! Check out the guest post guidelines on the website. said...

Thank you Stephanie! I recently linked up with alabamawomenbloggers, and I am enjoying the site! I absolutely would be honored submit it for a Guest Post! Thank you so much for your interest!

RaisedSouthern - Kari