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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Key Lime Strawberry Cupcakes-

Key Lime Strawberry Cupcakes!


     Key Lime Pie is one of my Summer favorites, and one of the only ways I’ve been enjoying it is through Yoplait Yogurt! Lately it has been doing nothing but raining and cloudy. Its just the time of year it is. Here on the coast, it gets so hot we usually have morning storms and afternoon storms which keep us completely cloudy. The kids and I had had enough of the Rain so we decided to do some baking! My husband and son (my picky eaters) LOVE when I bake however I usually have to bake them something special! I don’t mind, I love them! So my son and I made plain jane cupcakes! No Icing! – the way they like em! – My daughter and I are picky eaters too, but we are a little more adventurous in our eating.  I had strawberry cake mix and I bought one of the new flavor mixes of icing that you can mix your own flavor. I bought Key Lime! ( & I didn’t care that I was the only one that ate Key Lime)


I decided to do a little twist and make the Strawberry cupcakes with the Key Lime Frosting.. Strawberry goes with everything, Right?  My daughter was beyond excited! She loves to bake just as much as I do. We mixed everything up the way the recipes call for and baked and iced the cupcakes! I must say these were absolutely PERFECT!!! I prefer to make mini cupcakes because for one I can have 2 and feel like I JUST HAD TWO CUPCAKES!! WHOOOO HOOOOO and because I can have 2 and not really have two. Portions are easier to control this way.


     We also took and added the cupcakes after being iced to the freezer for the icing to set. I accidental left them in there for a little longer then I wanted but it turned out great! The frosting wasn’t frozen but at a consistency of frozen yogurt and the cake cold so it made for a nice little treat! It would be great for a summer brunch or summer afternoon snack! If your beautiful princess daughter is having a tea party the mini cupcakes would be a great treat for the girls and they are sure to love them.
                                   Not a great pic.. but didn't realize when I took it... Sorry Y'all

What You Need:
     -Strawberry Cake Mix ( We used Pillsbury)
     - Duncan Hines Frosting Creations – Frosting & Flavor Packet
     - & Of course whatever the cake mix you purchased requires (eggs, oil,etc)
* Mix and Bake the cupcakes as described on box
* Mix up the Frosting and ice the cupcakes as you prefer ( some of us like it fancy)

     If you are wanting to have Strawberry Key Lime Cupcake Treats – add to the freezer for about 15 minutes. The icing will be a little frozen but not icy.
     Perhaps Key Lime is not your thing you can also add chocolate chips to the batter and mix up regular vanilla icing in a neon green and make watermelon cupcakes! Those are cute too! You could switch to yellow or white cake mix if you prefer instead of the strawberry you would just need to add food coloring to get the correct color of red.

Hope you all ENJOY!

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