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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seasons Fun Checklist for the Family!

     The first day back to school is tomorrow! can’t believe how quick Summer has flown by. I’ve really enjoyed having my son home and getting to spend time together and him having some relaxing time and getting to do some fun stuff he wants, like build Legos, play outside all day and get dirty,and of course have time for his video games.  My daughter is starting school this year so I wanted to make this Summer a fun one. Before school was even out for my son, I was making a list of all the stuff we can do, boating, beach days, ice cream runs, etc. I was looking on Pinterest one day (don’t even say anything, yes everything comes from Pinterest nowadays) and I saw a fall checklist and though that would be great to follow up after our Summer List. So I decided to make a board that would go into our kitchen and every season we would make a checklist that would consist of all the stuff we wanted to get done during that season. My kids loved the idea and I had the perfect place for our board to go.
     Our kitchen is all wood, with a country décor, and a olive green and maroon décor to go with the wood. I decided that our board should go along with the décor of the kitchen and every season we would just use chalk colors that go along with that season.  Here is how we made our Seasons of Fun Checklist:

What we used:
-1 piece of Plywood ( my husband is a Carpenter, so there is wood  and pieces lying all over his shop.
-Chalkboard Paint
-Paint (in your desired color for the trim)
     Choose your wood to be your desired size. I painted the plywood first with the chalkboard paint, and then the trim with the color paint you have chosen. Nail the trim to the edges of the Board to create a framed chalkboard. Make out a list of “to do’s” with your children. Mine really enjoyed coming up with ideas to do over the summer. We also explained that just because they are going on the list does not mean that all of them would get done. This takes the pressure off the big stuff that kids add to the list like water park, which some may not have a water park near, the money, and/or the time.
     I wanted to add a little more decoration to our checklist so I decided to go through all the family portraits that we have had done and all the kids pictures we have bought and took out wallets from the time they were born all the way up to now. I placed them in order from birth to now and modge podge the pictures of the kids down one side and then family pictures of my husband and I and the kids on the bottom. I am very happy with how our checklist turned out!! Get Creative when you make your Checklist and decorate to your style.

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