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Thursday, July 5, 2012


      Hey Ya’ll… Well Another Month has come and gone, just like that. Its crazy to me how quick, time flies now that I’m an adult. As a child it seemed that Summer was so long, that it always took so long to go back to school, until your birthday came, or until time for Christmas. Now as a adult I can barely keep up with what the date is. I’ve been meaning to sit down and blog everything that is going on and the cool stuff that we have been doing this Summer, but because the kids are home I find my self not sticking to my “normal” schedule and at the end of the day wondering what happen?!?! So back to schedule & Scheduling the fun things in too and getting things on a good schedule for the kids.. I have always felt that schedules run so much each and you would think with me wanting to keep everything organized all the time that I wouldn’t have falling off track but hey it happens… especially after Birthdays, Vacations, Baseball All stars…etc! Hope Everyone is having a wonderful Summer!!!

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