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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birthday Party for 2!

      After Planning for several months it was time for the kids birthday parties…They were so excited when they came that morning to drop the water slide off.. Justin & I had got up early so he could get started on the the kids swing set, which by the way he put together in 5 hrs… I read the reviews and some said 10 hours, and 2 days.. Etc.. & it was mainly just him.. I helped here and there but I had a birthday party to get ready for., so he did it all. A water slide is such a great route to go especially during a hot day the kids have a blast and it keeps them all cool.. Last year I got a regular water slide but this year because we still have some little kids in the family that are scared of the water slide, so I got a combo blow up that was a Water slide and a Bouncer. ($200 for 10hrs)

     We did both the kids birthday’s together because we were going out of town a few weeks later. My Son choose to have a Lego Theme and my daughter wanted The Little Mermaid. For their decorations I choose to order table clothes, goody bags, Stuff for the goody bags, Cupcake candle, plates, and napkins. I only bought the themed plates and napkins for the kids to have during cupcakes and went to dollar tree and bought regular paper plates, napkins, and plastic cups for everyone. You can cookout at this type of party if you choose to do one, I did the party at 2 so everyone ate Lunch before hand and we had snacks, cupcakes, juice boxes, and water. I made the kids cupcakes, they turned out so good and were really easy! Anyone can have amazing cupcakes, but its even more amazing to have cupcakes that are amazing, were easy, and didn’t cost a fortune!

Your Going to Need:
*Cake Mix & whatever is needed to mi cake mix (I.e. oil, eggs, etc)

     I used regular white cake mix bought at your local grocery store, mix and bake as stated on the box for cupcakes. Choose some decorative cupcake liners that go with your theme just to add a little more décor to your party, and they don’t cost much. Choose your icing and if your adding color, go ahead and mix and ice the cupcakes. Once the cupcakes are made pour your sprinkles into a bowl that is big enough to dip your cupcake into. Once you have the sprinkles poured grab your cupcakes and start dipping into the sprinkles to fully cover the icing in sprinkles. This gives the cupcake a awesome effect and you can do this with anything, ( candy, cookies, coconut, etc.). Once finished adding sprinkles, I stuck the cupcakes in the freezer for about 3 min to harden the icing and then I could cover them with non-stick aluminum foil and it would not ruin them. Also don’t forget to add the cupcake toppers (if you have them), these cupcakes are cool enough that they don’t have to have toppers. ENJOY.

The kids truly had an amazing time and enjoyed everything. Even though I have a boy and a girl it worked out great to have their birthday one time with a Giant Water Slide! They are getting much bigger and are going to start wanting bigger parties so I am trying to make sure I enjoy the kid parties now.

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